Hello world!

Changes came to my life, quite huge ones I must say…

First of all I change my place of residence from Krakow to Wroclaw, which was quite an expected change as for last 1.5 year I had to travel these 300 kilometers almost every weekend. Of course a change of work place came along so… I moved from one investment bank to another. And here begins the story of this blog.

For a longish time I was thinking about starting a blog and now finally I found a moment which gave me a boost to put thoughts into action. In Krakow I was working in a very mature environment with well developed agile practices. Working there was a great pleasure and I must admit that I learned more then anywhere else before. In Wroclaw the situation appeared to be quite different – I joined a quite new team, where the very first members have been there for less than half a year. New situation brings new opportunities of course.

In this very moment the team is definitely in the forming stage, looking forward to finding their own best practices for the delivery process. The environment is a greenfield, which satisfies me a lot as since the very beginning I can propose process improvements and put my current knowledge and experience into test. Having a lot of challenges ahead I decided that it can be useful to share my experiences with the community for both sharing and gaining new knowledge. I really hope that by describing my experience I will receive advises and also I hope that my thoughts shared here will possibly help others that are facing similar situation.

I hope that many of you will find this blog useful or at least interesting. I also hope to find enough time to share as much of the things happening as possible so you will be able to see the change that is ongoing in my working environment. I am really looking forward to see this happening as the team is very open-minded and one can fell that their need to change and improve is huge.

Of course I would also like to share my thought about all other agile related stuff that I will find interesting and worth sharing in my very own opinion. I will be very glad if you find my posts and thoughts useful.

Stay tuned.


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